Our school is located in the Original  Long Island Drum Center building at 86 Tec St, Hicksville, NY 11801
Our School is an affiliate of the NDA's network of music schools. 
The NDA is the administrator of the school. 
The School/NDA office number is 516-735-2984   The fax number is 516-735-2995
Tuition Payment
Tuition is payable monthly by check or money order (payable to NDA) or credit card.
Our affordable rates are based on a monthly average. 
Sub-dividing, reducing or deducting tuition payment based on amount of lessons
the student attends can only be  done by the NDA office.
All payments are due by the 20th of the preceding month. 
Music Instruction Changes
Any changes of the music lesson including the time, day, curriculum, frequency, suspension, reinstatement or discontinuation can only be done through theNDA office.
Missed Lesson Policy
Our missed lesson policy is fair and easy.
We charge the same tuition for months with 4 weeks and months with 5 weeks
ach student receives 5 free lessons every year!  
(you could miss 5 lessons and  not lose money)
Also, students can use missed time by attending Student Workshops or Drum Camps.

The student's  lesson time is reserved. 
Tuition is due in full if the student is unable to attend regardless of advance notice. 
We do not reschedule. Our school operates at capacity and we also don't ask our instructors to reserve twice the time for the same compensation. 
This enables us to maintain long term relationships
with the best instructors.

 email NDADrum@aol.com or call 516-735-2984  in advance if you will be
 unable to make the lesson.
We keep a record of your missed lessons and will let you know when events take place where you can use up the time.  
If you're unable to use the missed lesson time before the end of the semester, the dates are rolled over to the next year. 
School Closings
(see calendar)
Discontinuation of Lessons
Students must inform the school (not the instructor) 48 hours in advance of their next scheduled lesson.  Failure to do so results in tuition continuing to be charged.


Long Island Drum & Music School